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MbrWhisky - v 0.7.4

This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the MbrWizard command line tools. The main purpose of it is to manage MBR (Master Boot Record) of hard disk.


Here are some functionality it offers:

Partition Modification
Delete Partitions
Hide/Unhide Partitions
Set Bootable/Active Partition
Change Partition Type

MBR Operations
Backup/Save MBR, Head, or individual sectors
Restore MBR, Head, or other sectors from file
Delete MBR, or Wipe all sectors on first head
Fix MBR due to damage or corruption
Copy Sectors
Clear or write a new disk signature
Sort partition table entries. Designed to match Windows boot.ini entries

    Additional Functionality
Mount volumes within Windows
DisMount volumes
Modify Volume Label
Securely wipe entire disk
Boot Menu- Quick menu allowing user to select bootable partition
Shutdown/Reboot the machine
Create ini file containing the structured contents of the MBR
Read/Write a Status byte in the MBR


checkdisk is a part of Microsoft Windows Tools and is not a native function of MbrWizard. But as i was building a GUI, i added a graphical support for it, and merged that to MbrWhisky.

The support of chkdsk has been tested with US/English, German and French system.

Because i use string pattern to display the infos and interact with the tool,
this may not work properly with other languages.

Enhanced language support may be added if i got enough request. (check the link on top of the page)

 Download It (BartPe plugin included)



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